The Mercer County Retired Educators’ Association (MCREA) is an organization of over 1200+ members.  MCREA’s members’ careers were spent in the schools of Mercer County, New Jersey.

We are unified with our parent organizations, the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA), the New Jersey Retirees’ Education Association (NJREA), the National Education Association (NEA), and the NEA-Retired Association.

Our Executive Board meets 10 times per year, except for July and January, at the Hamilton Public Library on the first Monday of the month.

We host three membership meetings/luncheons yearly, in the winter, spring and fall.  These meetings do sometimes have issues for which our members vote.

In the words of our Executive Board members, MCREA:

  • is an extension of former participation within my local district affiliation.
  • provides valuable information and support specifically targeted for retirees. 
  • is a gathering of vibrant and active people still interested in education, political action, and working for the good of all educators.
  • is to be in the company of sages … and a band of brothers and sisters … and people who’ve meant so much to so many others … and who have mentored young educators and instilled a passion for teaching and kept that passion burning …..
  • works to protect and improve retiree’s pensions and other benefits.
  • provides opportunities for retired educators through advocacy, socialization, and service.
    A support network relays critical information on a variety of issues which impact the retirement experience.
  • provides information, social events and other activities to meet members’ needs and interests.
  • assists in the promotion of better schools and community improvements in Mercer County.
  • M ature Educators
  • ombining
  • etirement and
  • ducational
  • droitness
  • is an organization that provides an opportunity to associate with other retired educators to continue our missions to assist youth and each other.  It also provides knowledge of our hard-earned benefits.
  • is a group of educators dedicated to preserving the rights of retirees, ensuring positive learning environments for students and teachers.
  • it impacts the minds of the decision makers to ensure a thorough and efficient education is provided, as well as ensuring the benefits promised to retired teachers.
  • The MCREA is the place where you can find all of your friends that you spent decades with preparing the next generation of responsible citizens.  We have touched the future and we did a good job. It is also the place where we continue to work to secure our future. 

Mercer County Retired Educators’ Association

Constitution and Bylaws-May 2022

Revised: 5/14/97
Amended: 5/20/98
1. The name of this Association shall be the MERCER COUNTY RETIRED
EDUCATORS’ ASSOCIATION, INC., hereafter known as the Association or MCREA,
incorporated as a non-profit corporation under Title 15A: Section 2-8 of the New Jersey
Domestic Non-profit Corporation Act, and in compliance with Internal Revenue Service
Code 501c (4).
2. It is affiliated with the New Jersey Retirees’ Education Association (NJREA) under its
rules, and the MCEA, NJEA, and NEA-R.
1. To promote the welfare of members, and inform them about available benefits.
2. To advocate, promote, and urge the passage of local, state, and national legislation
benefitting retired persons.
3. To promote educational growth in New Jersey in cooperation with NJREA, MCEA,
NJEA, and NEA-R.
Section 1. The following persons may become active unified members of the MCREA. Any
retired Mercer County employee who is a member of the New Jersey Teachers’ Pension and
Annuity Fund (TPAF) or the New Jersey Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS) or any
New Jersey alternate benefits retirement program, i.e., any person employed in an education
capacity in a public or state school, college, or other institution or agency operating under the
laws of the State of New Jersey.
Section 2. Unified membership (September 1-August 31) is based on the payment of annual/life
dues established by MCREA/NJEA/NJREA/NEA-R.
Section 3. Current education employees, anticipating retirement, may become MCREA/NJREA
members without the privilege of voting or holding office.                                        Section 4. Membership shall be in accordance with the standards and policies of the NJREA and in keeping with the incorporated purpose of the MCREA.
Section 5. Persons born before September 1, 1936 shall not be required to become members of
NJREA if they were members of the MCREA during the 2010-11 fiscal year. These same persons
of MCREA who were life members (retired or pre-retired) prior to September 2, 2011 shall not be
required to become members of NJREA. If a grandfathered “MCREA only” member does not
pay the MCREA annual dues, the person loses his/her exemption status and must rejoin NJREA
as an Annual or Lifetime member. Unified membership for the above exceptions is strongly
1. The officers of the Association shall be the President, First Vice President, Second Vice
President, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer.
2. The election of officers shall be held at the May General Membership Council Meeting
every two (2) years.
3. Officers shall be elected according to the adopted rules of the Elections Committee.
Terms of all officers except Treasurer shall be limited to two successive terms of two
years. Treasurers shall be limited to three successive terms of two years.
4. If a vacancy occurs in the office of president before his/her term is completed, the vice
president shall become the president. If a vacancy occurs in any other office, the
Executive Board shall elect a successor until the next regular election.
5. Whenever an officer is unable to fulfill his/her position, or is incapacitated, the Executive
Board shall elect a replacement until the next regular election; except in the case of a
presidential vacancy.
6. If unified membership requires additional delegate(s) to the NJREA Delegate Council,
the representative will be First Vice President, Second Vice President, or Treasurer.
ARTICLE V – EXECUTIVE BOARD – effective 9/1/16
1. The Executive Board of the MCREA shall consist of the elected officers of the
Association, the Chairpersons of the fourteen (14) Standing Committees, the past
presidents, and their term shall be concurrent with the President’s term of office. The
Executive Board may also include elected NJREA representative(s) to the NJEA
Delegate Assembly from Mercer County (if any).
a. The voting members of the Executive Board shall be:
i. Six (6) officers with a weighted vote of six (6) each
ii. Fourteen (14) standing committee chairs with a weighted vote of two (2)
iii. If a standing committee has co-chairs, the weighted vote will be
split between them.
iv. Immediate Past President has a weighted vote of two (2).
v. A person serving in more than one position shall claim one (1) voting

2. The NJREA representative and/or alternate(s) to the NJEA Delegate Assembly from
Mercer County and the Chairpersons of NJREA standing and/or ad hoc committees may
also be invited to attend the meetings of the MCREA Executive Board in a non-voting

The Membership Council will consist only of dues paying members in attendance at a General
Membership meeting. There shall not be fewer than two (2) General Membership Council
meetings per year.
This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of members present at a scheduled
General Membership Council Meeting, provided that the proposed amendment has been
disseminated to members at least two weeks prior.
The MCREA fiscal year shall correspond to the NJEA/NJREA fiscal year.


Membership shall be in accordance with the standards and policies of the NJREA and in keeping
with the incorporated purpose of the affiliate.
1. Members shall be informed about benefits and other matters of concern at the General
Meetings and through written communication.
2. Members shall be given the opportunity to express concerns and opinions at both General
Meetings and Executive Board Meetings.
3. Social activities shall be provided for the welfare of members.
1. The annual dues of the Association shall be recommended by the Budget Committee and
approved by the Executive Board. Lifetime membership shall be 25 times the current
annual dues.
2. Honorary Members shall be so designated by the Executive Board. The criteria for
honorary membership shall be: a non-member of MCREA whose voluntary
accomplishments have contributed to the advancement of public education. Honorary
members are non-voting members.
1. The officers of the Association shall constitute the Board of Trustees of the Corporation,
with a report filed annually with the office of the NJ Secretary of State.
2. The official address of the Association shall be that of the President. If the President is
not a resident of New Jersey, then the address shall be that of another officer who is a
New Jersey resident, as determined by the Executive Board.
3. The President and First Vice President shall represent the Association at the annual
NJREA Convention. Alternates may be selected by the Executive Board when necessary.
Expenses of one delegate shall be paid for by the Association; the other, by NJREA.

Section 1. Terms and Conditions
a. Officers shall be members of MCREA, NJREA, NJEA, and NEA-R.
b. The term of office shall be two years, and no officer except Treasurer shall serve for
more than two consecutive terms. The term of Treasurer shall be limited to three
consecutive terms of two years.
c. Officers shall assume their duties on July 1 following elections.
d. Old and new officers shall meet in June for an orderly transfer of MCREA and
NJREA documents.
e. No officer shall serve on the Elections Committee or Audit Committee.
Section 2. Powers and Duties
a. President – The President shall be the Executive Officer of the Association and
represent it in all matters, preside over meetings and prepare agendas, appoint
chairpersons of standing committees, recommend appointments of Liaison Board
members, be an ex officio member of all standing committees, serve as a liaison with
MCEA, and perform all other functions usually associated with this office.
b. First Vice President – The First Vice President shall assist the President with
meetings and agendas, arrange the programs at meetings, serve as liaison with
MCEA, and perform duties of the President in the President’s absence.
c. Second Vice President – The Second Vice President shall assist the First Vice
President with programs and assist in other areas as requested by the President.
d. Treasurer – The Treasurer shall receive and deposit Association monies, give
receipts therefore, make payments as budgeted or approved by the Executive Board,
and prepare a financial report to be presented at Executive Board and General
Meetings. The Treasurer shall be responsible for filing all state and federal file forms
and making any appropriate payments. The Treasurer shall not serve as chairperson
or member of the Budget and Finance Committee. The Treasurer shall be available as
a resource to the Budget and Finance Committee.
e. Corresponding Secretary – The Corresponding Secretary shall have charge of
correspondence, oversee the filing of corporation papers, and maintain the necrology
f. Recording Secretary – The Recording Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all
Executive Board Meetings and General Meetings and publish them as soon as
possible; and maintain a file of Association business.
g. No officer shall authorize his/her own voucher or be a signatory on his/her own
check. All checks and vouchers must be signed by two (2) officers.
Section 3. Election of Officers
a. Election of officers shall be conducted every two years at the May General Meeting
according to rules of the Elections Committee.
b. The President shall be elected by MCREA members.
c. If a vacancy occurs in the office of President, the First Vice President shall become
President; if any other office becomes vacant, the Executive Board shall fill it.
Section 4. Removal from Office
The Executive Board may recommend that an officer be removed from office due to
poor attendance or non-performance of duty by a two-thirds vote of members present
at an Executive Board meeting, provided that the officer is informed and permitted to
address the Board; the membership then may remove the person from office by a
two-thirds vote of members present at a General Meeting.
Section 5. Elections Committee
a. An Elections Committee, consisting of a chairperson and a minimum of two
members (none of whom may be an officer or candidate), shall be appointed by the President with the Executive Board’s approval at least three months before elections;
and it shall be disbanded after candidates are sworn in.
b. The Committee shall recommend to the Executive Board for their approval at the
April meeting at least one candidate for each office, and it shall present election rules
for approval.
c. Nominations: the Elections Committee shall establish rules for the nomination of
candidates for office. All dues paying members in good standing who have met the
criteria established herein shall be eligible to seek office.
d. Elections: the Elections Committee shall establish a method of voting that protects
the principle of one-person, one-vote.
e. Election of each office shall be by the majority of voting members present. In the
event of a tie, another vote for that office will be held immediately; that vote will be
held by secret ballot.

1. Each meeting shall include a formal business meeting, program, or speaker(s) and
appropriate commemoration of deceased members, and lunch or refreshments.
2. General Membership Council Meetings shall be held annually – in October,
January/February (if possible), and May.
3. The January/February meeting may be postponed or cancelled due to inclement weather.
4. A majority of members present shall constitute a quorum for voting. At registration,
members who have been verified, will be issued an official voting card.
5. A special General Membership Council Meeting may be called by the President or on
request of at least five Executive Board members. Proper notice shall be disseminated to
members at least two weeks prior.
6. Robert’s Rules shall be the parliamentary authority on all questions not covered in the
Constitution or Bylaws.
Section 1. Budget
The budget for the fiscal year, September through August, will be presented to
the Delegate Council for adoption at the spring General Membership Council
Meeting. (Date of adoption may be changed to adapt to meeting schedule – must
be approved prior to next fiscal year.)
Section 2. Audit
a. The MCREA President shall recommend appointment of at least three (3)
members to an Audit Committee with the approval of the Executive Board at the
September meeting.
b. This committee shall examine the financial records and report the status of those
records no later than November to the Executive Board.
c. A Certified Public Accountant may be contracted to conduct an audit of the
MCREA finances.
Section 1. Powers and Duties
The Executive Board shall determine the time and place of Executive Board and
General Meetings, disburse funds of the Association, fill all officer vacancies,
except that of President, appoint Liaison Members of the Board, remove from office any appointed member of the Board, and promote as fully as possible the
work of the Association.
Section 2. Meetings
There shall be a minimum of nine (9) Executive Board meetings each year, the
first of which (organizational meeting) shall be in July or early August. Special
meetings may be called by the President or upon request of five (5) Board
In the event of a natural disaster, inclement weather, pandemic, or other
emergency, the President may, with the concurrence of a majority of the
Executive Board, authorize the conduct of Executive Board and General
Membership meetings as electronic meetings. The President may authorize the
conduct of Standing and Ad Hoc Committees as electronic meetings at any time.
Section 3. Standing Committees
a. There shall be fourteen (14) Standing Committees (committees that function
throughout the year). Each committee shall have a chairperson, appointed by the
President and at least two members (except the Scholarship Committee),
appointed jointly by the chairperson and the President. The terms of office for the
committees and chairs shall coincide with the terms of officers. Chairpersons
shall keep a record of activities, report activities at Board and General Meetings,
and serve as liaison with former Associations when possible. Chairpersons shall
submit written reports for publication in the MCREA newsletter. All committee
chairs shall be members of MCREA, NJREA, NJEA, and NEA-R. (This includes
any other member who may be appointed to represent the county on any NJ
 No committee chairperson shall serve more than three consecutive two-
year terms.
b. Committee Names and Duties
1) Affiliate Liaison – committee to inform members about affiliate activities and
assist in coordinating participation in them.
2) Budget and Finance – committee to prepare the budget and oversee the
expenditure of Association monies.
3) Community Services – committee to coordinate Association’s involvement with
non-profit community groups in need of volunteers.
4) Constitution – committee to review the Constitution and propose changes as
needed, and monitor its implementation.
5) Editorial – committee to publish the Association newsletter.
6) Government Relations – committee to monitor proposed legislation and to lobby
legislators to insure and safeguard members’ pensions and benefits, to work
closely with MCEA’s Legislative Action Team, as well as NJEA’s Government
Relations Chair.
7) Hospitality – committee to oversee social arrangements at Executive Board
meetings or special activities designated by the President.
8) Membership – committee to keep a record of members and their payment of dues
and to promote membership in the Association, as well as in NJREA and NEA-
9) Member Services – committee to promote the well-being of MCREA members.
10) Historian/Public Relations – committee to maintain a pictorial record of the
activities of the Association and to provide news releases to the local media and
affiliate associations.
11) Scholarship – committee to supervise the Association’s Scholarship Fund, initiate
projects to increase the Fund annually, and select the recipients of scholarships and awards. The Fund is a separate corporate entity. The committee shall have a
chairperson and minimum of six members, including the immediate past
chairperson and the immediate past president.
12) Social – committee to organize and execute a program of events and activities for
membership participation and enjoyment.
13) Technology – committee to provide technological information and resources to
the membership.
14) Website – committee to create, maintain, and update the MCREA website.

Section 4. Liaison Members
Up to six additional members shall be appointed to the board from Mercer County school
districts, county colleges or state colleges not currently represented on the board. Their
duty shall be to act as liaison with their former associations, as well as to assist in
promoting the Association’s work. Liaison members are non-voting members.
Section 5. Special Committees
a. The President, with the approval of the Executive Board, shall appoint an Elections
Committee, Audit Committee, and any other special committee that may be needed for a
specific purpose and period of time. These committees shall consist of a chairperson and
at least two members, and they shall be disbanded when assigned duties are completed.
b. Audit Committee – committee to audit the books of the Association annually to certify as
to the accuracy of the records. The report shall be made to the Executive Board no later
than November. No officer shall serve on this committee.
1. The Scholarship Fund is funded annually by contributions and fundraisers determined by
the Scholarship Committee and approved by the Executive Board. The ultimate goal is to
sustain the scholarships and awards with the Fund’s annual accrued interest.
2. Scholarships and awards shall be presented or announced at the May General
Membership Council Meeting.
3. Trustees of the Fund shall be the six officers of the Association and the chairperson of the
Scholarship Committee.
These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of members at a scheduled General
Meeting provided that the proposed amendment has been disseminated to the members at
least two weeks prior.