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EVERYONE enrolled in Aetna Medicare will be receiving new insurance cards effective January 1, 2022.  Please start checking your mail in December for these cards. 
Also, retirees will be transitioning onto the online portal, Benefit Solver, being rolled out in January, 2022Letters will be sent to your house with an IOWA address on it from a company called Business Solver.  The letter is legitimate and will have the SEHBP on it.  This is an online platform for any changes in health benefits plan ( example: dependents.). You will still have the option to use the Aetna call center.
Non-Medicare retirees and Medicare retirees who are having concerns or issues with their prescriptions or health coverage should contact MCREA President Cindy Braddock at 609-658-6116 or email her at mcrea.president@gmail.com and she will forward it to our NJREA Health Benefits contact and NJEA if necessary.
Rates for health coverage in 2022 if you are paying part of the insurance plan, can be found on the NJEA website, www.njea.org.  There has been no changes in the prescription formulary at this time.