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Great news!  There is a new NJREA dedicated phone line to NJEA.  This enables you to have direct contact for questions you may have as an association retiree.

The phone number is:  609-310-4546

For sign up/renewal payments, press “9“.  A reminder, membership for 2022-2023 starts on September 1.  Please share this information with your newly retired colleagues.  The Membership Form can be found on this website as well as in the Newsletter, which is also a post on this website.

Below are numbers to press depending on what information you need:

1-NJREA Officers

2-Pension questions

3-Medicare/Health Benefit questions

4-Prudential Life Insurance/survivor benefits questions

5-NEA/NJEA member benefits questions

6-NJREA website questions

7-NJEA/NJREA mailings questions

8-NJEA PAC questions (including making donations easily)

9-NJREA membership questions and/or paying for sign up or renewal