Annual Membership

A person who chooses annual membership will be billed by the NJEA Membership division in mid-May. Annual dues are based on those prescribed by NJREA, NJEA, NEA-R and the county REA from which the person retired or resides.

Note:  You MUST join NJREA if you currently have NEA insurance or use any of their benefits and wish to continue with their services.

 Lifetime Membership

A person who joins as a lifetime member may pay in one full payment or in 3-5 installments ending by June, and will be billed by the NJEA Membership Division. Dues are based on the amount prescribed by NJREA, NJEA, NEA and the county REA in which the retiree seeks membership. Contact the NJEA Membership Unit at 609-599-4561, ext. 4123 for an application.

If a new retiree decides to become an NJREA Lifetime member and the county in which he/she lives or retires from offers county-lifetime membership, the retiree must become a lifetime member of both NJREA and the county REA

NOTE: An NJREA Lifetime member who does not pay county dues is not considered a unified member and, therefore, is not eligible to hold a county or state office or serve on an NJEA/NJREA committee or attend a CREA business meeting.

 Associate/Multiple Memberships

A county may offer CREA membership to a spouse or friend of education who does not qualify for NJREA membership. Dues are paid directly to the CREA. An associate member may not hold a CREA office or serve on a committee.

An NJREA member who wishes to join more than one CREA will be billed for the secondary membership by the CREA and will pay the CREA directly. An NJREA member with multiple county memberships may hold an office or serve on a committee in the CREA of secondary membership

Grandfathered Membership as of September 1, 2011

A member who achieved the age of 75 years of age (born in 1936 or before) and was 75 on September 1, 2011, an NJREA lifetime member and not a county REA member, may remain a lifetime member only.

A person who achieved the age of 75 years of age (born in 1936 or before) and was 75 on September 1, 2011 is a county REA member only.

The member is not required, although encouraged, to join NJREA providing he/she maintains a continuous membership in the CREA.

Note: If a grandfathered “county only” member does not pay the CREA annual dues, the person loses his/her exemption status and must rejoin NJREA as an Annual or Lifetime member.

The CREA membership chair or treasurer will collect dues annually from those who qualify for this exemption. A letter will be sent early April/ May as a reminder that dues are due.

It is recommended that dues be collected by August 1.

Out-of -State Membership

A dues statement with a “non unified” option refers to a member who before September 1, 2011 lived out–of-state and, therefore, was exempt from joining a CREA.

Note: As of 2012, a newly retired person who lives or moves out-of-state must join the county REA from which he/she retired.

Attendance at CREA Meetings.

CREA business meetings and luncheons are open ONLY to members who have paid their dues.

A guest may attend the meetings as long as the person is not eligible for NJREA membership.

For questions or clarification on anything above, please contact:

NJREA contact at NJEA Headquarters:

Cathy Raffaele
180 West State Street
PO Box 1211
Trenton, NJ 08607-1211
609-599-4561 ext. 2300

Mercer County membership questions may be directed to: