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“What’s Your Why” for joining MCREA?

MCREA’s efforts in coordination with NJEA to safeguard my pension is paramount.  I don’t want to lose my pension and my home, and be relegated to living in my daughter’s basement in retirement.”  Cindy Braddock

As much as I hate the role of politics in education, it’s impact for active and retired teachers is undeniable.  While I’ve not hesitated to express my concerns with the NJEA when I’ve had them, who else is pushing NJ politicians for proper funding of the pensions and healthcare we contributed to our entire careers?  It is critical that we have a voice in these discussions.    Hector Bravo

Being part of a group…a snowflake falls to the ground…alone but look what happens when lots of “flakes ” join together.  Marsha Caldwell

It was so long ago.  I was an HTEA building representive.   Sandy Linkimer, then on the executive board, approached my sister in law, Mary Jo Klockner and me to ask if we’d like to serve.  We three are from Hamilton and I taught with Sandy.  Mary Jo and I have served together on several committees.  We come as a “team.”  We are in awe of our presidents, past and present.  Other positions also require such dedication and time spent.

Through the years, committee members have come and gone.  We’ve made new friends and work with outstanding individuals.  We’ve come to know and understand the value of our UNION, it’s strengths and weaknesses.  WE are the power behind it.  As we did as actives, as retirees, our voices must be heard.  WE are as important now as we were then to NJEA.  MCREA gives us that voice through our exec board.

Not exactly sure about my WHY…..  Guess I’m happy to help out where I can.  Fran Whitworth

Just because we are retired from teaching and are no longer part of the active arm of the union, being able utilize MCREA to access services, especially navigating health care is very helpful.  It is also wonderful seeing “old” friends, former colleagues at social events.  Karen Bravo

Being a member offers the opportunity to maintain contact with colleagues and to be aware of changes or threats to our benefits.   Paul Everett